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Distribution Company:  BUG Music, Nashville, TN & Hollywood,CA
Publisher:  The Dad Burn It Publishing Co., Springfield, IL 
{Grandpa used to say "Dad Burn It!," emphasis on 'DAAAD', instead of swearing. It sounded hilarious! I still can hear it clearly in my head, Lol!}

Founder/Owner: Feel Good Fair Trade Gift Boutique; An ethical retailer of 100% Certified Fair Trade Artisan Gifts, bought from women, family, and community entrepreneurs in over 20 countries, warehoused in the USA, and delivered in 3-5 days, on average!

Founder/Director of The SWEET (Survivors Will End Earth's Trafficking) Survivor Rescue Fund (Angel Subscribers needed!)

Author: "SELF TALK - My Continuing Efforts to Survive Childhood Sexual Assault" (publishing Fall, 2022)

Author/Developer: "Surviving in SPADES - A CSA Survivor's Guide to Overcoming Daily C-PTSD Triggers"

TikTok: LindaKaySurvived; LIVE  2:00 - 3:00 PM CST (most) Weekdays:

You Tube: Linda Kay - Surviving in SPADES - Manage CSA Triggers; 

Facebook: Linda Kay Survived; author, SELF TALK: My Continuing Efforts to Survive Childhood Sexual Assault;   

Instagram: LindaKayGifford_SWEETSurvivor;

*Next up on my bucket list... The Earth2point-O Fundraising Family of Shops - An online fundraising store platform I have under development to host charitable, progressive-cause related shops... Included to date:,,,, contact me to include your store among our Grand Openers!