Member:  ASCAP
Distribution Company:  BUG Music, Nashville, TN & Hollywood,CA
Publisher:  The Dad Burn It Publishing Co., Springfield, IL 
(My grandpa used to say "Dad Burn It!," emphasis on 'DAAAD', instead of swearing.  It sounded hilarious!  I still can hear it clearly in my head <3)

I am also a progressive, positive impact driven entrepreneur, founding the following businesses:

Up Rise Inc, Parent company overseeing all business endeavors connected to The Optimistic Libtard @

Ask Linda, The Optimistic Libtard - Facebook Page - Progressive forum and host of "The Libtard Calendar of Events", "Ask Linda Libtard" podcast, and book excerpts from "SELF TALK - My continuing efforts to survive childhood sexual abuse." 

"Linda Kay Gifford - SELF TALK" - Facebook page hosting working excerpts from the book I am writing, "SELF TALK - My continuing efforts to survive childhood sexual abuse."

 "SELF TALK - Discussion Group for Survivors of Sexual Abuse" - Facebook Group

"Bad Mom Confessions" - You Tube "parenting?" videos - custom, no-paperwork fundraising platform (We donate 10% to the requester of the fundraiser - Check it out! Make money for your event next week!

SeasonalFair,com - 100% Certified Fair Trade Home Decor, Goods, Gifts and Apparel Store