Thank You!...

Thanks to the players:  
          Reggie Britton - drumset
          Jose Santiago - Congo
          Luke Turasky - guitarist
          Bruce Williamson - bass
Links to other groups these guys play with are coming soon!   

Thank you to my son, John Gifford Irwin, who created this website for me, and built my webstore, John plays piano, trumpet, guitar, and drums, and began songwriting, recording and producing his own original music by the age of eleven. After joining the The Young American College of the Performing Arts, traveling and performing in Asia and Europe, he is now completing his Master's in Business Marketing and taking over the front end of Feel Good Fair Trade!

Thanks to my son, Samuel Clyde Irwin, who has been my voice of reason since he was old enough to talk. Sam is a environmental civil engineer, having graduated from The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in 2020. He is also a fantastic bass, french horn, and bagpipe player, former co-captain of the Scholastic Team, President of the SHS Latin Club, and Secretary of the Illinois Downstate Latin Consul, and worked a Summer at my former mall store when I really needed him!

Thanks to my son Douglas William Willhoit, "Willy", who is my home buddy and partner in fun. He is a professional - I kid you not, a PRO-fessional Fortnite player, having gotten in on day one and being VERY good at it. He is the North-East Division World Champion, as a solo player, and with his team of three, and qualified first in the new NE Division for the current season. He is the Illinois State Champion for the last three semesters, and has been killed by famous people! I am told this is a good thing. 

Thanks to Jonathan Pines for inviting me to record at his Private Studios in Champaign, IL, and for letting me have my way, more often than not, and to the members of Mr Opporknockity, an awesome original band, who turned him onto my self-recorded in the farmhouse bedroom demo in the first place, leading to the invitation to record with him.

Thanks to Del McCoury, for cutting my song, "Fire and the Flame" on The Del McCoury Band's 2004 International Bluegrass Music Awards winning Album of the Year, "It's Just the Night".

Thanks to Grandpa Gary, Grandma Peggy, and Grandma Pat, who love my babies to pieces and helped out with the watching, dropping off and picking up of them so mommy could make a living.

Thanks to Scott Simpson, for being a great friend and inspiration and allowing me to rework and record his song Hold Me

Thanks to LIsa Turasky, Jeni Carrier, Catherine H. Gaule, and Randee Landgrebe. You've all meant more to me than I've ever said.

Thanks to all my friends, and especially my exes, who have given me both nectar and grist for my poetry.

Thanks to all of you who are downloading tracks and giving me the feedback necessary for me to keep the faith.

Thanks to Mom and Dad, my siblings, family and friends, deceased and present, who know I'm crazy and misguided, but love me anyway.

And last, a final but never less - Thanks to my partner, George, who saw right through my carefully crafted defenses, jump-started my sputtering heart, and creates joy with me every day now!