From the recording A Bed For My Boots

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Once upon a time, there was a significant other (with a habit of saying "Lookie here" a lot) who seemed hell bent on getting the things he already seemed to have. One day my young son asked me to make up a song, a game we often played with each other. "What about?", I asked him? "Humpty Dumpty," he replied. This is not the song I sang him that day! But I pondered my situation and the 'horse' that was so enticing as to lead the 'other' to fall again and again. An old cartoon came to mind. In it, Humpty Dumpty is a king who prizes gold most of all. Deciding that the sun must surely be made of gold, he commands his subjects to build a stairway of brick up to the sun so that he might attain all of the gold it held within. As the last brick is being placed, King Humpty races up the steps and onto this brick before it has been mortared into place. The angry sun reprimands him by turning him over it's knee, spanking him and then releasing him to fall. He tumbles down, alongside his crumbling tower, hits the ground and, of course, shatters into pieces. And like fairytales often are, the story seems relived over and over.